Group Counseling

Welcome to NEW LEAF Counseling Group, LLC!

We are a team of skilled therapists who are willing to help create a safe and confidential place for you to reach healthy solutions to your complex problems. We believe in focusing on your needs and each session is designed to meet your personal goals.

CLIENTS: Our support groups are up and running! Please contact us for more information.

Understanding Mental Illness – starting soon!!

Whether you have a friend or family member impacted by mental illness, it can be difficult to understand the impact and effects of their disease. Topics may include parenting, addiction, personality development, grief, and coping skills. Come join this confidential group to gain more knowledge and understanding. This group is for adults. Contact Us to inquire about cost and more information!

Sharing the Journey  – Discussion Group – For Men

Come join us and expand your consciousness for all diverse racial/ethnic/cultural backgrounds to dialogue with other men about their experience that may include living on the margins and in the closet.
Topics may include relationship beginnings and endings, coming out to self and others (if it is safe), starting families and parenting, social networking, community events, intersecting marginalized identities, creating and participating in a healthy lifestyle.  Contact Us to inquire about cost and more information!

Sharing the Journey – Discussion Group – For Women

Contact Us to inquire about cost and more information!
We offer groups at a low cost for individuals, couples, and family members. Please keep checking to see what we’ll be offering next month or contact us to get information!

CLINICIANS: We are excited to start our “Growth Groups” this Fall.

Growth Group for Practitioners – starting soon!

Whether you have just starting  your practice or have been a long time practitioner, Growth Groups will provide fully and provisionally licesned professional clinicians a place to enhance their clinical approach, gain better understanding of how they can enhance their systemic skills, and gather with surrounding clinicians to enriched their practice. Expect lively discussions!*

Affordable $40 per person, $70 for two – so bring a friend! Limited space available!!


*LMFTAs – This time is not in lieu of your own required supervision. You need your own supervisor towards licensure.

We offer workshops for professionals and clinicians at reasonable rates!  Please keep checking our website for upcoming dates and/or email us directly!