Philosophy of Treatment

New Leaf Counseling Group was co-founded by Dr. Pearl Wong and Mr. Logan Cohen in the Dilworth/South End neighborhood of Charlotte several years ago. Both of these clinicians have attained the highest level of training and licensure in their professional work and have a combined experience in the field of over 25 years. While they have varied backgrounds of professional experience in practice, training, teaching, and supervising, both Dr. Wong and Mr. Cohen are passionate about and dedicated to serving our community members who are in need of relationship and/or individual support.

As relational therapists, they will empower you and your loved ones to lead the meaningful and fulfilling lives for which you were intended by guiding you to create positive impact and transformation both in your life, as well as that of your family’s.  Our therapists look forward to developing a collaborative working relationship and remain open to your ideas and expertise regarding your own personal objectives for therapeutic growth. Consider giving back to yourself by reaching out to us today for a free initial consultation.