Relationship and Couple Counseling

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding, albeit challenging aspects of our lives. While they often begin with fun and excitement, over time issues commonly arise. It can be difficult to know for certain if it is time to see a professional counselor for relationship concerns. Perhaps you and your partner are having small disagreements and these disagreements begin to escalate quickly into more personal and hurtful arguments. Or perhaps the relationship feels stale with an absence of growth for one or both partners. Sometimes there are bigger problems, such as money, sexual concerns, infidelity, or coping with the behavior children and/or extended family members. When these scenarios occur, the relationship might benefit from counseling with a professional therapist.

Beginning a process of couples counseling can be intimidating, but in reality, the rewards of this process often occur more quickly than those of individual work. Since this process involves two partners working towards mutually developed goals, the possibility of change and growth is multiplied. We work with couples and relationships that have concerns about communication issues, intimacy, parenting, personal finances, and couples’ life transitions.