Adrienne Aaron

New Leaf Counseling Group was founded by Mr. Logan Cohen in 2014 and established in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. Over the last 12 years, New Leaf has been dedicated to serving community members who are in need of emotional and psychological support, especially those struggling with disruption in their most personal and intimate social relationships. Adrienne continues this philosophy.

Over the past 18 years, I have had the opportunity to work as a mental health professional with individuals and families during difficult and challenging times.  As a therapist, I use a narrative approach and a solution-focused model to support clients in achieving the goals for their treatment work. I have a personal personalized approach, where each client is supported through their search for value and purpose. I view each client’s story as a beautiful map through their treatment process and each map is filled with unique relationships, experiences, heartache, loss, joys, successes and sometimes even failures.  I work closely with clients to help them understand their challenges more clearly, as well as define obstacles and patterns that have kept them stuck. From this position, I am able to most effectively help clients to develop skills and adjust to barriers that prevented them from living their best lives.

I have experience working with adults, children and families in rural, suburban and metropolitan settings. My journey as a therapist has allowed me to work in a wide range of professional setting, where I have worked alongside school-aged children dealing with mental health issues and difficulties, young adults during times of transition and change, as well as with couples and families experiencing trauma and chaos. Over the last 10 years, I am fortunate to have worked closely with LGBTQ youth and take a strong Affirming position to these community members who desire therapeutic growth. I have always believed that every client should be affirmed and accepted.


Feel free to read a bit about my own personal journey to professional counseling and therapy here.

  • I am currently accepting clients 12 years older and above.

  • I work with:

    • Individuals

    • Couples

    • Families

    • Anxiety & Depression

    • Adolescent Behavioral Health

    • Young Professionals

    • LGBT+

    • Women's Issues

    • Parenting