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Image by Jonathan Pendleton

The Complicated Couple

This couple tends to get into a committed relationship through difficult and less than ideal circumstances – such as unplanned pregnancy, unplanned deployment, a “rebound” relationship, etc.  Even though Partners in this type of relationship might have had good intentions, these couples frequently have little awareness of their OWN needs. As a result, both Partners tend to focus on the needs of Partner rather than their own, resulting in a degree of “co-dependence” - a tendency for each couple to rely on their Partner as a focus of “blame” for personal life difficulties.
The individuals in this couple must learn to create their own expectations for Self & the relationship that are outside of the immediate control of their Partners. From here, each Partner can learn the communication skills to bring those desires to the table in a way that creates mutual growth and respect. When this happens, each Partner in the relationship can experience mutual freedom and connection at the same time. 

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