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Comfortable Couple

These couples tend to be “really nice” and show each other lots of “forgiveness” & “grace”, but also avoid open conflict. It is common for a "Comfortable Couple" to have more of a “traditional focus” on child-rearing and finances, rather than their own personal needs in the relationship. While very polite on the surface, the avoidance of conflict creates a false foundation based on each Partner telling their Lover what they think the other wants to hear, rather than what they really want and need to be happy.
When open conflict continues to be avoided, this blocks Partners from bringing their own Personal Integrity into a relationship, which then blocks the relationship – and BOTH individuals – from growing into their full potential. This couple MUST learn to how to have productive conflict by speaking up for personal wants and needs in a way their Partner can hear. From this position, the couple can learn the communication skills that will allow them to turn that tension into a deeper connection with more safety, trust, and intimacy.  

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