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Members of a cohesive group feel warmth and comfort in the group and a sense of belonging; they value the group and feel in turn that they are valued, accepted, and supported by other members.

- Irvin D. Yalom



Group therapy can help you realize that you are not alone with social support, while also helping you take active steps to solve the issues at hand. The group setting encourages sharing and support amongst group members. It also helps you learn to connect with people in healthier ways, more prosocial ways, while addressing some of the more stressful areas of your life. Research has shown that Group Therapy is especially beneficial for concerns that tend to be isolating by nature, such as addiction or Depression. Groups are a good setting for psychoeducational information and a supportive environment, while not having to have the focus 100% on you as an individual. Current groups offered at our practice include Support Through The Pregnancy Journey, Infertility Support, and Sharing The Journey (A Journey For Men Through Healthy Masculinity). If you are interested in a support group not listed below, please send me an email.

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