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We are so fortunate to have received marvelous feedback from our clients.  Won't you leave a review, as well?




I've seen multiple counselors during my life, and Logan is by far the best! My fiancé and I have been seeing Logan for 6 months now and working with him has completely transformed our relationship. I cannot say enough about his skill set, his ability to empathize and understand each of our points of view and help us navigate through negative, ingrained patterns we developed over time. My background is in Counseling (MA in clinical counseling) so I was very picky when choosing someone to work with. I have no doubt in my mind we made the right choice, and can confidently say Logan will be able to help any couple who is willing to do the work in their relationship. It hasn't been an easy journey but it's been worth it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Brian Matlock

New Leaf Counseling Group is well known in the community as a caring and compassionate team of highly professional therapists.


Where do I begin; I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Logan over the last 7 months. Not only is Logan very experienced and professional, but he also made me feel safe and comfortable during each session. He helped me to leave an abusive relationship, and then worked with me on the recovery process afterwards. I feel like I've grown so much as person, and things that I learned about and discovered during  our sessions I will utilize throughout my life.


Mr. Logan did great work with our family. Our teenager was too much to handle for every other practitioner in the past, however Logan was able to connect with him in a way that helped our teen engage in the work fully. We all got a lot out of it and would highly recommend Mr. Logan's work.

John Clarke

Logan is a warm, genuine person who simply loves what he does. Highly recommend him for any couples going through a hard time.

Joshua Ramsey

I have been engaged in clinical supervision with Logan for 2 years.  I highly recommend him to other LMFTAs seeking supervision for licensure.  His compassionate and sincere nature has been a consistent source of guidance in navigating the world of NC community mental health.  I have been encouraged to see beyond behaviors and diagnoses to address the actual wounds of the person seeking healing.  He is especially knowledgable about the discipline of marriage and family therapy, which has allowed me to learn about and explore a variety of therapeutic approaches.  Most importantly, I am grateful for Logan's dedication to "lose the battle for initiative," in order to allow me opportunities to grow and develop uniquely as a therapist and as a person.  If you are looking for a space to sharpen your clinical skills, then you are looking in the right place!


I love the New Leaf Counseling Group. They are one in a million; reliable, kind, dependable, understanding, and prepared. Their effort to disrupt the current counseling and therapy world to make it more personable and accessible has truly made my experience with them over the top and much more than i could ever ask for. They are leading by example and I can only hope others in the industry realize they have a lot to learn from them.


Extremely friendly, safe atmosphere with gifted therapists.  There is no feeling of judgment or awkwardness here.  I can speak for my experience and say they're empathetic, funny and can connect in a very real way with people.  Helped me turn my life around and get back to myself.  If you are looking for a considerate, genuine and  helpful safe place to sort your life out you should definitely make an appointment here.  Best decision I've ever made.

Dan Blackmon

When provisionally licensed, I received AAMFT clinical supervision from Logan, and would highly recommend others to seek supervision with him through New Leaf Counseling Group. He is well-trained and highly skilled, and creates a collaborative learning environment that allows the space for one to grow and achieve their professional goals!

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