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Comfortable Couple

These couples tend to be “really nice” and show each other lots of “forgiveness” & “grace”, but also avoid open conflict. It is common for a "Comfortable Couple" to have more of a “traditional focus” on child-rearing and finances, rather than their own personal needs in the relationship. While very polite on the surface, the avoidance of conflict can easily create a false foundation based on each Partner telling each other what they think the other wants to hear - rather than what they really want and need to be happy & satisfied.
When open conflict is avoided over a long period of time, this blocks each Partners from bringing their own Personal Integrity into a relationship, which then blocks the relationship – and BOTH individuals – from growing into their full potential. This couple MUST learn to how to have productive conflict by speaking up for personal wants and needs in a way their Partner can hear. From this position, each Partner can learn the communication skills that will allow them to turn that tension into a deeper connection with more safety, trust, and intimacy.  
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