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Dr. Jeff Brockman
(not currently taking new clients)

New Leaf Counseling Group was founded by Mr. Logan Cohen in 2014 and established in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. Over the last 12 years, New Leaf has been dedicated to serving community members who are in need of emotional and psychological support, especially those struggling with disruption in their most personal and intimate social relationships. Dr. Jeff Brockman (Dr. Jeff) is an amazing therapist who truly carries on this philosophy.

I am a mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC who helps adolescents and adults get relief from anxiety,
depression, school behavior issues, and grief.


As the parent of a struggling adolescent or as an adult experiencing anxiety, depression, and/or
grief, you have likely done many Google searches such as “therapist near me” or “anxiety
therapist” or “ADHD therapist.” You have consulted other parents and friends and perhaps
even other anxiety therapists or other teen therapists in Charlotte. You are frustrated, and I can help!
I have both academic and personal experience (ask me about the 3rd grade kickball game) in
these areas. My calling into teaching and into counseling has a lot to do with my own personal
story, my own darkness into light journey. I know what it is like when you no longer enjoy your
favorite activities, when you feel hopeless, when you cannot sleep, when your anxiety feels out
of control


When I was six years old, we found out that my mother had a brain tumor. Her story is all too
familiar: she started treatment, got better, but…the cancer returned. She died on August 31,
1971, on what would have been my first day of third grade. Those were some dark days and
years, but I did do a significant part of my grieving in my childhood—I cried every night for six
months. My father remarried someone who already had two children of her own, so we were
negotiating the difficulties of blended families. Melding two families together can be very
challenging; there were some huge fights.


In my mid-twenties I went to a psychiatrist and a mental health therapist because I was having
some significant anxiety as well as depression. The diagnosis? Unresolved grief related to my
mother’s death. So, I started my journey as a client. Over the last couple of decades, I
have developed significant relationships with several different mental health
therapists (Tim, Jack, and Michael), which not only afforded me relief from grief, depression,
and anxiety, but also gave me deep insight into how much counseling and therapy can help us.
I know how to overcome grief, depression, and anxiety because I’ve done it myself—through


Mental Health Therapy is the best investment you can make for yourself.


Not only have I learned the intimate depths of a meaningful therapeutic relationship with professional therapists myself, but I have completed the necessary clinical training to do the same with Others. After coming from the associated fields of Teaching and Ministry, I believe I am a great fit for most clients looking for their own experiences of personal growth with a professional therapist in Charlotte, NC. Therapy is the best investment you can make for yourself and/or your Loved Ones so if you are the parent of a struggling teen or an adult with anxiety of depression yourself, then call (704-457-1789) or email me at  Or, CLICK HERE to book an appointment.


Dr. Jeff is currently accepting new clients in his practice and would look forward to hearing from you regarding your own ideas and expertise around your personal growth.

Feel free to learn more about Jeff and his "Art of Empathy" at his personal website.

Dr. Jeff brings a wide variety of career and personal experiences to his work as a professional counselor with New Leaf Counseling Group. As a former minister and teacher for 20 years, Dr. Jeff has conducted over 20,000 hours in face-to-face encounters with children and adults. He enjoys working with children ages 6 and up, as well as adolescents and adults. Dr. Jeff brings a strengths-based perspective to his professional work and loves to cultivate a genuine working relationship founded upon unconditional positive regard for his clients.


Dr. Jeff graduated from the College of William and Mary and worked as a CPA before going to seminary and ultimately completing a PhD while pastoring a small, rural church. After several chapters of rewarding professional life in ministry, he has found his Home as a Professional Counselor. Dr. Jeff’s passion and respect for theology/spirituality, while also maintaining a devotion to evidence-based research and modern models of mental health care (no pushing of theological/religious positions included), makes him an asset to our field.

Dr. Jeff's has written some GREAT blog posts about many of his specialty areas, so feel free to click on one of the following topics for a DIRECT link:

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New Leaf Counseling Founder Loga Cohen
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