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Logan Cohen - Founder
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Certified Trauma Professional -- Level 2

AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor
(currently accepting new clients)

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New Leaf Counseling Group was founded by Mr. Logan Cohen in 2014 and established in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. Logan is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and Level 2 Clinical Certified Trauma Professional (CCTP-II) as well as an Approved Supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Over the last 20 years in the field, he has dedicated his practice towards serving community members who are in need of emotional and psychological support, especially those struggling with disruption in their most personal and intimate social relationships.

New Leaf Counseling Founder Loga Cohen

I have known my whole life that I wanted to be a therapist, even before I was aware of the profession as a formal craft. When I was a little kid, my mother would tell stories about working in group home settings as a young social worker and being in dynamic encounters with rough teenagers in inner city Atlanta. It all sounded so exciting and interesting, I don’t think I ever really considered doing anything else with my professional life. Not only is there a degree of inter-generational family legacy regarding Psychology-related fields, but I also know all too well what it is like personally to grow up in a complicated family.

Now as a professional therapist in Charlotte, I utilize this heightened emotional connection crafted over my years as a sensitive child in my own chaotic family, then combine this wisdom with over 20 years of field experience and the most current evidence-based research and interventions available.


Beyond my own personal experiences with mental illness and addiction in my own family, I also had the privilege of accessing inter-generational stories of family resilience that have grown into a significant part of my identity as an adult. I am the grandson of a Holocaust Survivor who lived through the most infamous Concentration Camp of them all, Auschwitz. On the other hand, my grandfather was rescued by arguably the most famous German National to humanitarian efforts during WWII, Oscar Schindler.


Oscar Schindler was a German Citizen who utilized his position of privilege to save over 1200 Jews from extermination at the hands of Adolf Hitler and The Nazis. My grandfather happened to be one of those lucky 1200 before he was even a teenager. This story was captured in a major Motion Picture directed by Stephen Spielberg in 1994 called Schindler’s List that won a few Academy Awards.


My Grandpa Sam was given a chance to survive by Oscar Schindler and he was able to make a life in America. As a result, he had his own children and eventually I came on scene. When I was growing up in Atlanta, my family and I lived eight houses down the street from my Grandpa Sam and when all of the chaos would be happening inside of my own home as a child, Sam’s House was a bike ride away and he was a constant source of calm and stability through my tumultuous childhood. As a young adult, I only began to realize what those stories meant and the depth of what my Grandpa Sam survived during his own childhood in 1930-40s Poland as the Third Reich was coming to power.


Now as a professional therapist & certified trauma professional, I lean into these stories of resilience in my own family history to remind myself of the end goal -- a dogged compassion towards life, regardless of how insurmountable the immediate Big Picture might look.

After spending tens of thousands of clinical hours with my own clients and starting a successful group practice, there are still far too many People out there who aren't getting the support they need. In response to this need I have created a few different support networks that can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. 


I created The Balanced Man Plan as a response to the #MeToo Movement and rising concerns about men's mental health. It is a therapeutic digital experience created by a Male Therapist for Men who are not yet ready to see someone in person, but know they area ready to leave the confines of restrictive traditional masculinity in favor of a more integrated experience of their full Humanity. It that has the goal of introducing a healthy Balance for both Self & Loved Ones from the comfort and privacy of Home. If you like the sound of that, then check more out here! And if you are not a man, or that isn't a good option for you for any other reason, you can also check out my offerings through HeyDaily. This subscription-based service comes with exclusive multimedia content to support your health & wellness journey sent right to your phone every day. You can read more about the opportunity to access this exclusive content here.

Whether you are ready to contact me in person, or you would rather check out my  natural healing system offered through The Balanced Man Plan, I look forward to being on a small part of the Journey with you.

  • Depression & Anxiety Therapy

  • Relationship Counseling & Couples/Marriage Therapy

  • Infidelity & Affair Recovery 

  • Codependency Recovery

  • Family Therapy

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Anger Management

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

  • Men's Issues

  • LGBTQ+ Related Issues

  • Issues of Relgion & Spirituality

  • Life Transitions

  • Child Behavioral Health

  • Addiction Treatment & Recovery

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