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Image by Allen Taylor

Love Hard – Fight Hard 

These couples tend to be VERY passionate in general – where both fights and intimacy tends to be INTENSE. Partners in this type of couple MUST be able to regulate their emotional experiences & learn how to communicate those feelings in a way their Partner can hear. If both Partners can do this, they can keep themselves out of “red zone Anger”, which makes it seem like a good idea to “fight dirty.”  “Fighting dirty” MUST be avoided because it tears down their Partner – as well as trust and safety in the relationship. 
These couples tend to get stuck in the “Storming Phase” of relationship development because they rely on this phase for emotional intimacy, rather than learning how to access vulnerable & honest feelings before they turn into anger. To grow past this, Partners must learn to communicate vulnerable thoughts and feelings as they come up so these experiences can be discussed in the relationship in a way that brings Partners together, increases trust, and builds mutual respect at the same time. 

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