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"Distress & The Breakdown in Community" - Article Review

This is a review about an article we enjoyed reading by Edward Edmunds, Ed.D., B.C.S.A in Psychology Today. The author does an excellent job speaking to how important a sense of community is for us as human beings. We have long discussed how, "trauma is as trauma does", insofar that a strong sense of community can even use a traumatic event to transform itself into something stronger than it was before. Not to say that this is easy, or even moderately difficult. What we are saying is that a strong sense of community is REALLY IMPORTANT for us and our general health and well-being strongly depends on how much we can keep that in the forefront of our minds.

"I have argued that people do not need drugs, rather people need people. It is necessary for there to exist a supportive network to help the person through the crisis so it may reach a transformative ending. It is possible after undergoing such a crisis to emerge with new insights, to develop new meanings, a renewed sense of purpose. But, it is necessary for there to be a journey, a journey in togetherness, where the person can feel safe and supported in conquering fears, to be able to face the intrusive thoughts and feelings of dread that haunt them. In this journey is the process of being able to shed the false self, to actually be able to be a human being with another human being, and to no longer feel that they must repress their feelings or must 'play the games' or wear the masks that society imposes upon us. To be able to come to a radical authenticity, a mastery of past traumas where we make the choice to live and be rather than merely react.

We encourage you to check out this article for yourself here.



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