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How Do You Do Silence? #SilentTreatment OR #SilentLove

It is almost common knowledge now that it is NOT reasonable to expect personal problems to be relieved by staying quiet about them. This has long been discussed by psychologists and professional clinicians insofar as the negative impact of silence or "conflict avoidance" in romantic and family relationships. Feel free to check out this short video that explains how this falls into the category of Stonewalling, making it one of the 4 Most Common Communication Roadblocks

While the "silent treatment" and "stonewalling" will surely harm your relationship, it is sure nice to also have those moments where neither of you HAS to say anything, while still feeling close and safe. Each couple has to find there own balance and sometimes, it's nice to have the help of a professional through this process. This is just one successful outcome you can expect from engaging in Couples Counseling. Book Now



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