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Low Cost Counseling Solutions - Where Is Affordable Counseling?

Updated: May 8, 2020

New Leaf Counseling Group, LLC was established by Logan Cohen in Charlotte, NC in 2014 and since then, the practice has consistently taken measures to make the process of going to see a professional counselor or therapist a more comfortable one. There are many community members in Charlotte, NC who cannot afford mental health services at the full market rate, so practitioners at New Leaf Counseling Group leave a portion of their availability for clients who require affordable counseling and low cost options with a sliding scale. Please note these timeslots are limited, based on a sliding scale, and are up to the discretion of each practitioner.

Low Cost Counseling Allows Access To Affordable Counseling for Community Members With Less Financial Resources

The notion of working with a Professional Counselor or Therapist is beginning to be more widely accepted. Michelle & Barack Obama openly discussed their ongoing experiences in Couples Counseling and even Pope Francis disclosed that in mid-life, he worked with a psychotherapist for six full months - going once a week. Even though more people are FINALLY discovering the personal and health benefits associated with professional counseling and therapy, there is still one common barrier that we hear - therapy is too expensive! After hearing this enough, we decided to be part of the solution by offering affordable counseling options.

We could look at a cost-benefit analysis to engaging in work with a professional counselor or therapist, but at the end of the day if people do not have access to adequate financial resources, then it doesn't matter. If community members are going to have equal access, then there must be options for affordable counseling.

Like most healthcare in this country, working with a professional counselor or therapist will require an exchange of financial resources and for some people, there is just NOT enough "meat on the bone". Unless low cost counseling options are made available, working with a professional counselor would not make sense for many People.

Every day, People struggle to find talk-based therapy that’s covered by their insurance plans. Therapists are the least likely to accept insurance out of most healthcare professionals due to the nature of unfair practices by insurance companies. Roughly half of psychiatrists currently accept insurance plans, compared to roughly 90 percent of other health care providers.

This is a REALLY BIG problem, since approximately 1 in 5 Americans will experience some sort of mental health disorder EACH YEAR, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. A lot of other People will seek the support of a professional counselor or therapist as they struggle to adjust to a major life event, such as divorce or grief associated with loss. Affordable counseling options are required with the range of economic status, as well as unique life events resulting in the need for a professional counselor or therapist. All of these People will have the common need for access to healthcare and if access to financial resources isn't available, low cost counseling can be an important part of the solution.

Affordable Counseling Varies According to Annual Household Income

We are regularly approached by community members from Charlotte, NC at New Leaf Counseling Group, LLC almost every day who want to engage in their own work with a professional counselor or therapist, but see it as either too expensive, or are otherwise unable to overcome some other financial limitations to make it work. We have wanted to provide low cost counseling for some time, however there have always been barriers - until now.

Would like to learn more about how YOU can access your own space to change and grow, while also making sure there are affordable counseling options? Our Founder Logan Cohen has created an online platform for therapeutic growth called The Balanced Man Plan. Here you will find TONS of free resources, as well as a few low cost options - all of which can be accessed in the comfort and privacy of your own Home.

Care to learn more about Professional Counselors and Therapists available to you in Charlotte, NC? New leaf Counseling Group specializes in treating concerns related to Mental Health with a down-to-earth approach. Find a therapist near you, or just click here for more information designed to support You AND Your most important relationships. Are you ready to take action? Click here to BOOK NOW!

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