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When Trauma is Misdiagnosed as Anxiety Or Depression (Article in Review)

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

By: Logan Cohen, LMFT-S founder of New Leaf Counseling Group, LLC

The effects of trauma are beginning to garner the attention and respect they truly deserve. For better and for worse, the devastating effects of trauma were first associated with soldiers returning home from War and literally called "Shell Shock", due to the common symptom of an exaggerated startle response to loud percussive noises that their brains learned to recoil from as bombs were dropped around them during active duty. Since this time period, the Field of Psychology has learned that the effects of trauma impact more fellow Citizens than just returning veterans. There are civil wars fought at home in the form of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, and even car accidents that can leave fellow citizens struggling with the SAME trauma symptoms associated with what used to be be called "Shell Shock", and is now called "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder" (PTSD).

Due to the position of trauma symptoms being associated with Soldiers and Wartime, the the general public is really misinformed about how trauma symptoms can be impacting their own lives - especially if they have NOT seen active duty as a military veteran. Do you struggle with symptoms of feeling "keyed up" or "down"? Have you even been diagnosed with Anxiety or Depression? If you Professional Counselor or Therapist has not adequately assessed for a history of trauma, or does not understand the latest and greatest research around how trauma impacts general well-being, you might be chasing your own tail with current treatment efforts. Check out the following excerpt from this article:

"Anxiety and depression are considered commonplace, but I suspect many of those who consider themselves anxious or depressed are actually experiencing the fallout of trauma. Most therapists are not well trained to handle trauma, especially the complex kind that stems from prolonged exposure to abuse. Unless they are specially certified, they might have had a few hours in graduate school on Cluster B personality disorders, and even fewer hours on helping their survivors. Many survivors of complex trauma are often misdiagnosed as having borderline personality disorder (BPD) or bipolar disorder. Anyone who has sought treatment for generalized anxiety or depression owes themselves a deeper look at whether trauma plays a role."

It is essential that your Professional Counselor or Therapist has been sufficiently trained in trauma informed care. If not, you might be wasting your time, taking medications that are not going to help, and even MAKING SYMPTOMS WORSE. If you think this might be the case and live in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, consider checking out the Professional Counselors and Therapists available to you at New Leaf Counseling Group. All of our Professional Counselors and Therapists are adequately trained in trauma informed treatment approaches.

Care to learn more about Professional Counselors and Therapists available to you in Charlotte, NC? New leaf Counseling Group specializes in treating concerns related to Mental Health with a down-to-earth approach. Find a therapist near you, or just click here for more information designed to support You AND Your most important relationships. Are you ready to take action? Click here to BOOK NOW!

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