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Our Approach

Your decision to begin the journey of personal growth is a very important and personal one. We are a diverse group of professional therapists who have dedicated our practice to acquiring the latest evidence-based research that allows us to optimally serve our community’s unique needs. We have room for you to grow.

Logan Cohen

When I was a small child, my mother would tell stories about working in group home settings as a young social worker...

I never considered doing anything else with my professional life.

NEW: Intensive Workshops

Whether you are in need of a little guidance and affirmation in your relationship before heading to the next level, or if you feel that a bit of a tune-up would put just the spark you're looking for back into your relationship, book a new Premarital or Marriage Intensive today!


Getting Help

Therapy is a partnership between an individual and a professional who is trained to help people understand their feelings and assist them with changing their behavior so they can get different results. People often consider therapy under the following circumstances:






Fear of Harm



Need to Talk

New Leaf gave me a positive push in the right direction towards what I hope to be a life long journey of being happy, helping others, and maintaining my sobriety. I would highly recommend New Leaf Counseling.

Robert .G. Age 47

5105-D Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC 28205


Tel: 704-774-3078

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